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Attachments - Grabs & Grapples

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Doro Grip

Doro Grip
The Doro Grip is a flexible tool with a wide field of application from sediments, vegetation, tree, plastics, algae and similar debris. The Doro Grip is especially recommended for working in shallow water and close to shore

The Doro Grip is a combined tool with grip bucket and grip rake that fits on the same attachment. This can then be mounted directly onto the lift arm for shallow waters, or the telescopic extension for an increased working depth (e.g. for Lilly Roots etc).

The smaller grip rake and bucket can be mounted on the Doro Digger arm with a special attachment. This will allow for more efficient working in shallower/drier areas, as well as more options for loading or dumping, and greater all round versitility of the tool.

Doro Grip on Doro Digger
Technical Data
Work depth with telescopic extension - 1.7m
Work depth on Lift Arm - approx. 0.9m

Grip Bucket (Lift Arm)
Weight - 34kg
Width - 1m
Volume - 145L

Grip Bucket (Doro Digger)
Weight - 22kg
Width - 450mm
Volume - 65L
Grip Rake (Lift Arm)
Weight - 28kg
Width - 1130mm

Grip Rake (Doro Digger)
Weight - 14kg
Width - 490mm

Grip Bucket & Log Grab

The grip bucket and log grab are used in shallow water and along shore lines to remove plant roots, tree limbs and trash. These tools can be attached to telescopic arm and operate to a depth of 1.7m.

If the work area is very shallow water or along shore lines the tools are attached to the mechanical bracket. The working depth is 0.9m but the lifting power is greater than when attached to the telescopic arm.

Technical Data
Work depth with telescopic extension is 1.7 m
Work depth with mechanical bracket is approx. 0.9 m
Weight grip bucket 76kg
Weight grab 40kg
Weight telescope 33kg
Weight mechanical bracket 9kg