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Attachments - Specialised Accessories

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Tilt Bracket

Tilt Bracket
The hydraulic tilt bracket is a Truxor 5000 accessory. The bracket fitted to the lift arm makes working close to river banks and pond edges more precise. The tilt bracket makes it possible to angle the cutter and rake up to 30 degrees.

Technical Data

Tools that can be combined with the tilt bracket are:

Doro Cutter 3090 /3091,
Doro Cutter ESM 2100,
Doro Cutter ESM 2200,
Standard Reed rake,
Doro Miller
Doro Skimmer

Weight 16 kg

Trailer Variant 2700 U5

Trailer Variant 2700U5 is a trailer specially adapted for transporting Truxor.

Trailer Variant 2700U5 is delivered with clamp straps, collapsible aluminium sides, hydraulic tipper, collapsible rear ramp with gas springs that facilitate the raising and lowering of the ramp. Guiderails facilitate the loading and unloading of the machine.

Trailer Variant is suitable for Truxor DM 4700B and Truxor DM 5000.

Technical Data

Bed dimensions 520x210 cm
Total length 665 cm
Bed height 60 cm
Max. load 1850kg
Service weight 850 kg
Total weight 2700kg Wheel

Pile driver DM 350

A mast with a winch system for lifting and attaching wooden poles as well as metal and plastic piles. The hydraulic hammer BR 45 which is used in combination with the mast provides very powerful vibrations. With weight plates that are mounted on BR 45 the vibrations and weight are combined to give effective piling in water environments.

Pile driver DM 350 is mounted onto the frame bracket of the lifting arm. The X + Y-movements are regulated from the driver's seat. BR 45 is connected to the winch using the bracket for piles or poles. Delivered complete with winch and weight plates. Hydraulic hammer BR 45 is not included.

Technical Data

Mast length 4,5 m
Weight 60 kg
Movement X max 1200 mm
Movement Y max 1200 mm
Lifting capacity max 130 kg
Max length pole/pile 3 m
Weight plates 18 kg for Hydraulic hammer BR 45

Hydraulic hammer BR 45

Hydraulic Hamemer
Truxor DM 5000 has hydraulic power to operate hydraulic hand tools. Hydraulic hammer BR 45 is a tool used to dismantle cement, etc.

We also use BR 45 for driving piles for poles, plastic sheeting, etc. The Universal bracket for mounting 71-10400 /71-10500 is included in delivery.

Technical Data

Weight: 31 kg
Length: 620 mm
Anti-vibration handle. Delivered with hydraulic tubes and quick-links.

Wood Chipper

The wood chipper rotor has two transversely positioned knives. The rotor feeds the wood in and the flow of air blows the material out via the adjustable exhaust. The wood chipper is hydraulically operated with an adjustable bracket that makes feeding easier when working on slopes. The tool is a good supplement when cleaning up in marshlands, lakes and waterways.

Technical Data

Weight: 192 kg
Capacity: 75 mm
Feed size: 500x400 mm