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Trash and Flotsam Removal

Urban waterways and drainage systems are often unsightly due to the presence of trash, plastic bottles and other aquatic flotsam carelessly or accidentally discarded. Build up of these materials causes interrupted water flow and obstruction. Aquaclear specialise in the removal of debris and flotsam from these waterways.

Debris Clearance

We at Aquaclear are frequently asked to carry out debris clearance on lakes and canals that experience large amounts of traffic from boats, canoes and other water craft.

Surface and underwater debris can at best be considered a minor annoyance but at worst can be dangerous and make the watercourse impassable. It is therefore sometimes necessary to carry out a debris clearance to remove any potential risks posed by flotsam.

Silt Pump

Clearance with the Truxor

The Truxor Amphibious Harvester can be fitted with a number of tools to carry out debris removal, and operators are equipped with additional tools for removal:

Reed Rake

The reed rake (pictured) can be used to scoop up and remove any surface and partially submerged materials. This material can then be placed on nearby banks or into designated areas

Grab Bucket

The Grab Bucket can be used to pull any submerged debris from the bottom and remove it from the watercourse

Tree Debris and Chainsaw Work

It is common from water ways to be completely obstructed by fallen trees. Our chainsaw trained operators can work in conjuction with the truxor to remove these obstructions altogether. For more information on Tree work and our Chainsaw Trained Truxor Operators visit our Tree Work Page

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There are also a few shots of trash and debris clearance featured in our Weed Cutting Gallery