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Truxor Amphibious Harvester


Work In All Environments

We at Aquaclear make use of the Truxor Amphibious Harvester to carry out almost all of our work. One of the many benefits to the Truxor is that it can be tracked across land and walked into the watercourse on it's own without the need for additional heavy machinery.

The dimensions and manoeuvrability of the Truxor allow it to work in even the most challenging environments such as narrow canals, marinas, and small ditches. As a result of the land-to-water capabilities of the Truxor, there is no minimum working depth (although working in water is preferred).

Lightweight Frame

The lightweight construction of the Truxor allows access to sensitive areas which heavier conventional machinery cannot reach and when operated correctly, will cause little to no damage to the terrain it tracks over.

This makes the Truxor the ideal choice for work on more sensitive environments such as SSSI sites, nature reserves, and canal edges. This even extends to golf courses, castle moats and other places where turfed up grass would be unsightly

As a Tool Carrier

Weed Cutting and Harvesting

When cutting and collecting weed, the Truxor is the best tool for the job as it can collect the weed from the watercourse and deposit it on a nearby bank (or carry it out of the water if the job requires and the terrain allows)

Other Tools

The Truxor can be fitted with a number of additonal tools to fit the requirements of the watercourse and the client. These tools range from silt pumps, to grabs and other accessories and can be swapped out in minutes. Follow the contracting links to see all the services we provide

Dimensions and Specifications

Min. Width: 2.2m
Max. Length: 5m
Max. Height: 2.6m (without driver)
Weight: 1400kg
Mode of Delivery: 4x4 with trailer
No minimum working depth


On Sale

We at Aquaclear are partenered with the UK retailer and distributor for Truxor machines. If you are interested in purchasing a machine, head over to

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