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Dredging and Silt Pumping

The build up of silt in water courses can cause many problems, from merely cosmetic to more serious risks

Some of these include:

    Increased Risk of Flooding
    Contamination of External Water Sources
    Reduction in Depth of Water
    Underwater Obstruction for Boats/Locks etc.
    Increased Aquatic Plant Growth
    Release of Foul Odours
    Breaching/Visible Areas of Raised Silt
    Discolouration of Water

While each of these can prove to be problematic in their own right, some can potentially lead to the loss of desired plant and animal life, and in more serious cases, the loss of the watercourse altogether

Dredging or Desilting the watercourse can provide long-lasting solutions to these issues

Silt Pump

Desilting with The Truxor

The Truxor Amphibious Harvester can be fitted with dredging and silt pumping tools allowing silt to be removed safely and easily.

The Doro Pump

The Doro Pump (pictured above) allows us to easily access the problem areas and pump large quantities of silt, up to 300 meters away into specific containers (more on this below).

The Grab Bucket

The Grab Bucket can be used to dredge silt from the bottom of the water course and transport it to a nearby bank or other designated area. This can be particularly useful on stone or gravel beds.

The lightweight frame of the Truxor allows it to access the problem areas whilst minimising the damage caused to the surrounding environment

aquatic weed cutting

Silt Containers

There are numerous containers that can be used to pump silt into. This usually depends on the surrounding area of the watercourse itself and amount of silt that needs to be removed. As the material being pumped will always be a mixture of water and silt, certain jobs require the separation of the silt from the water before being removed from site.

Previous containers we have used include:

    Dewatering Bags
    Geotextile Barriers
    Soil Bunds
    Large Water Tanks
    Specialised Farming Equipment

Some of these options are broken down fully with images in our Silt Pumping Gallery

While some options allow for a continuous stream of pumping, others work on a 'fill and drain' system. It all depends on the site and the immediate environment of the watercourse.

For any further information on anything mentioned here or to discuss any issues you are currently having with silt, contact us directly

Or for previous examples of silt pumping and dredging work visit our Silt Pumping Gallery

For further information and technical data on our silt pumping equipment please download our brochure PDF