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Tree Work

It is common for waterways to be obstructed by fallen trees or tree limbs. Removal of these obstructions is made easy by the Truxors log grab or grip bucket, assisting Aquaclears certificated chainsaw operators.

The need for tree work can also be purely cosmetic as excessive tree growth can encroach on the watercourse and make it unsightly. In worse cases, tree growth can cause the watercourse to become inaccessible to foot traffic

Tree Work in Conjuction with Other Works

We are commonly asked to do tree work alongside other works. For example, a lake or canal may have become heavily conjested with aquatic plant growth, while the surrounding area is suffering from excessive tree growth.

We may also be required to clear large trees or logs from a watercourse, which requires the use of chainsaws (see Debris Clearance)

Our Teams can either work seperately or the Truxor can assist our chainsaw operators by retrieving hard to reach debris and ferrying any cut timber across watercourses, to desired locations. The Truxor Amphibious Harvester also makes it easy to reach places that tree teams would normally find very difficult on foot.


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