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Water Lily Maintenance and Control

A common feature in UK lakes and ponds, water lilies can be a pretty addition to your watercourse. There are two native UK species and as such, are not an immediate cause for concern if you find them in your own lake or pond.

They can, however, grow in depths of up to 3 meters, allowing them to quickly out-compete other aquatic plants and it is common for lilies to take over an entire watercourse. In such cases, we at Aquaclear can help you in the maintenance of these plants.

A Feature Plant

At Aquaclear we understand that these plants are an important environmental contributor as well as a pretty feature plant, meaning in almost all cases it is important to leave areas of these plants uncut. Our cutters and the maneuverability of the Truxor machine allow us to make precision cuts to areas that need to be cleared, while leaving other areas untouched.

Water Lily Before and After

Water Lily Cutting

The mechanical cutting of Water Lilies is a fast and precise way to clear large sections of these plants. Our deep cutters can cut down to almost 2 meters, hampering the growth of these plants in the warmer months. This solution however, is only temporary as it is common for the root mass or 'rhizomes' of these plants to stay intact while cutting

Root & Rhizome Removal

Lilies grow vast, complex root systems or 'rhizomes' under the water surface. In extreme cases, some lakes and ponds can become choked from excessive Lily growth that gets worse every year

While these species can be cut and cleared away on a year to year basis to ensure the habitat is kept in a healthy balance, it may sometimes be necessary to remove the root matter of certain areas altogether. This process involves the use of our grip and grab buckets, which can reach down deep below the water surface and pull the rhizomes out, providing a slower but more permanent solution for any water lily issues

Water Lily Before and After

In Conjunction with Other Works

Healthy watercourses will have a variety of aquatic plant life in both the margins and out into deep water. We understand that every water course is different, each with it's own set of requirements and Water lily control may only be a small part of the maintenance needed at your site. The quick tool swapping capabilities of the Truxor allow us to carry out a number of different works on the same site during a single visit, meaning work with water lilies can be combined with most other services we provide

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